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Is Snabborder.se an e-commerce site?

Yes, Snabborder.se works like a basic e-commerce site for B2B. Your customers will log in to your store and see your products which are fetched from Fortnox with the customers price-list, images and inventory levels. The customers will add items to cart and submit the order directly into Fortnox.

How do I begin selling by products on Snabborder.se?

Getting started with Snabborder.se is easy, no startup cost, no configuration and no manual work is required. Just register a store and read the getting started guide and select your ERP-system to find instructions.

How much does Snabborder.se cost?

Setting up a store and trying Snabborder.se is free. If you want to be able to let customers, staff or resellers place orders you can do so at a low monthly cost. The subscription can be cancelled at any time. See our price list for details.

Can anonymous visitors place orders in my store on Snabborder.se?

No, currently only logged in users that are also registered as customers in Fortnox can see your articles and place orders.

Does Snabborder.se handle order payments?

Currently it is not possible to manage order payments on Snabborder.se, your orders will be registered in Fortnox where they can be invoiced.

How do I add products on Snabborder.se?

You do not need to add any products on Snabborder.se, all products in your ERP-system that are made available for e-commerce will be automatically listed on your order page.

See the getting started guide for details.

Can I add images on my products?

Yes, just add images on your products in Fortnox, these will be fetched and displayed on Snabborder.se. Remember to only use smaller size images that are appropriate for web, this will make your store load faster.

Can I use my own design on my Snabborder.se store?

You can submit your own logo and it will be displayed both on your login page and in your store. It is also possible to add custom texts for terms and conditions that customers need to approve when placing an order.

We keep working on improvements so if you have specific content needs just let us know.