Price list

Contact us if none of the standard packages below fit your business, we are happy to provide custom packaging.

Get started

0 SEK /month*

  • One owner account [1]
  • One customer account [2]
  • 0 Sales accounts [3]
  • 50 Articles

All stores start here, you are free to evaluate the service for as long as you like. Place orders for any customer with your owner account[1] and create a customer account[2] to see how the store works for your customers.


99 SEK /month*

  • One owner account [1]
  • 100 Customer accounts [2]
  • 0 Sales accounts [3]
  • 200 Articles

When it is time to start accepting orders. Just add a link to your Snabborder-store on your homepage. Your customers can register their own accounts in your store but you keep full control on who can access your articles and place orders.


199 SEK /month*

  • One owner account [1]
  • 200 Customer accounts [2]
  • 10 Sales accounts [3]
  • 500 Articles

Standard fits you if you have more customers and articles, Standard also work well if you have a sales organization that would benefit to have a tool where they easily can register new orders into ERP.


299 SEK /month*

  • One owner account [1]
  • 500 Customer accounts [2]
  • 50 Sales accounts [3]
  • 1000 Articles

With Plus you get more of everything in Standard. And if Plus is still not enough we will be happy to present a custom package that fit your needs.

*All prices are presented without VAT

[1] Owner account
The owner account is the account you use to create and manage your store. With the owner account you have access to your ERP customers and can create orders for any customer. Only the owner account can manage store settings.
[2] Customer account
A customer account is the account your customers register themselves in your store. After login we verify that the users email is registered on a customer in your ERP, after that the customer can start creating orders.
[3] Sales account
A sales account can just like the owner account see all customers and register orders for any customer. A sales account can not manage the store settings.