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Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform so that small business owners and accounting firms can manage their finances and administration effectively. The platform is the market leader in Sweden. It also gives customers access to financial services and corporate insurance.  If you already use Fortnox you can be up an running with Snabborder within a couple of minutes. If you're not already using Fortnox you can click here to try it.

To connect Fortnox to Snabborder is free to test and evaluate the connection. If at a later stage you want to invite additional users to place orders in your store you can do this for a small monthly fee.

Steps to connect to Fortnox

  1. Register a new store with if you have not done that already (only the account that registered the store with Snabborder can add the Fortnox connection)

  2. Open the Snabborder app on Fortnox marketplace, click the button SKAFFA/AKTIVERA - this opens the activation page here on and the connection is active.

If you need help or something is not working pleas contact us using the help button at the bottom of the page.

Fortnox functionality on

When a user enter using your store´s direct link a cookie with the store id is stored on the users computer. This makes your store selected on the users next visit even if the user does not use your direct link.

When your store is selected the button Place order is visible in the main menu.


When messages are sent from Snabborder for your store these are sent to the e-mail you have registered in Fortnox. This e-mail is visible in the footer of the order page.

Control access from Fortnox

Registration on is available to everyone with the link to your store, so you can hand out the link to all users that you want to give access to place orders. But to be able to see articles and place orders the e-mail they use to register on Snabborder need to be set on an active customer in Fortnox, with this logic you have full control over who can access your store.

If a user logs in that is not linked to an active customer in Fortnox you will get an e-mail so that you can decide if you want to activate the user or not.


Follow the steps below to control which articles in Fortnox that should be visible and buyable on Snabborder.

  1. The article has to be active to be visible to any customer.

  2. The article need to be enabled in external web shop to be visible to any customer.

  3. The article need to have a price entered in the pricelist that is connected to the customer in Fortnox to be visible to that customer. Using this logic you can hide select articles to some customers and also give different prices to different customers. Note that if an article once has been given a price in Fortnox this cannot be removed in Fortnox, these articles can still be hidden on Snabborder by setting a price less than 0 in the customer´s price list (for example -1).

  4. It is optional if you want to use inventory on Snabborder, if you do use inventory then all items need to have inventory greater than 0 and also be marked as inventory item. Items not in inventory will be visible but not buyable.

Fortnox Guide Article Requirements

Placing orders

As soon as an order has been placed on Snabborder you get a notification to your e-mail. When an order is placed it is also possible to select if a order confirmation should be sent From fortnox to the customer.

The customer does not pay on Snabborder when an order is placed, an invoice need to be created manually in Fortnox.

Your terms and conditions

To place an order a customer need to mark a checkbox to approve terms and conditions, you have the possibility to add your own terms and conditions here also if needed.